Alerts and Notifications

Users have the option of receiving trigger notifications via SMS and email by enabling these options on the user settings page.

Types of Notifications

Margin Call

Condition: losses are 90% of position collateral
Format: Margin call on [asset amount] [asset] [direction] on [datetime]. Please add collateral or close this position to avoid liquidation
Example: Margin call on 1.543575 BTC Long on 2022-11-03 15:35:05. Please add collateral or reduce the position size to avoid liquidation


Condition: losses are 99% of position collateral (99.7% for Forex)
Format: [asset amount] [asset] [direction] liquidated on [datetime]
Example: 1.543575 BTC Long liquidated on 2022-11-03 15:35:05

New Position Created

Condition: a user gets filled on a new position via market, limit, stop market, stop limit
Format: [asset amount] [asset] [direction] successfully filled at [price] via [open order type] order on [datetime]
Example: 1.543575 BTC Short successfully filled at 20,560.01 via stop market order on 2022-11-03 15:35:05

Existing Position Closed

Condition: a position is closed/partially closed via market, take profit, stop loss or trailing stop
Format: Successfully closed [closed asset amount] of [asset amount] [asset] [direction] at [price] via [close order type] order on [datetime]
Example: Successfully closed 0.546543 of 1.543575 BTC Short at 19,534.34 via take profit order on 2022-11-03 15:35:05