Price Feeds

All asset prices are fully operated and maintained by the Vela team via a proprietary price feed service called Vela Stream
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, and are built to ensure performance, security, and flexibility. The platform currently pulls data directly from several CEXs and on-chain resources into a proprietary Vela Exchange price feed.
The Vela Stream price feeds are published on-chain and transparently for every tradeable asset and reflects a single aggregated price for top CEXs in the ecosystem.

Price Feed Contract Addresses

Vela Stream
TM^{\scriptsize \scriptstyle TM}
oracle contracts currently mirror published Chainlink infrastructure and are subject to enhancements as new data sources are integrated.

Arbitrum One

BTC-USD: 0xC4b06f0c9D227CE442c0fC056752c1AF22e126Ba
ETH-USD: 0x2a644Cbc0F5A0D3F5292D3c6ABdF6F16c95E4c7C
DOGE-USD: 0x25ca3C94E9227eF222d62ccDb923D2b27C3c65d8
GBP/USD: 0x51AcC1020c5C3C6b695Fb969977508Fe2B64f314
EUR/USD: 0xEFd3782F57C9a000077cBb16161a67298fAa930d
JPY/USD: 0x91666F5A0529af81D76AC7bc5395267Ad7b4d632

Arbitrum Goerli

BTC-USD: 0xbD47526F45a19E764fa3727B500Ef0dbc8c55680
ETH-USD: 0xb6184ddEB9059BFDBb7e3A1a6674BfC29fA6F18F
DOGE-USD: 0x02c7b2CedFD6FFBd0F2d52A18dC5e3039aDbE767
GBP/USD: 0x89823D0f3B3e0b1F4D1139097Da4B738838aB815
EUR/USD: 0xFF198A22a7B8d3f319fC3340bB09C629e977E55b
JPY/USD: 0xC6d832B6F966a63Df321D2b7f4d0822Fadb718B8

Refresh Rates

Data is refreshed and ingested on variable intervals depending on asset type.

Data Sources

Vela Exchange ingests data from top centralized exchanges including Kraken, Bitfinex, Coinbase, and other sources.


All latency related to price feeds is at a sub millisecond level (<1 millisecond). Our data providers operate on enterprise level data centers close to data sources.


Multiple layers of redundancy power our data sources, allowing for fall backs incase primary data sources experience outages or irregularities.
In Q2 2023, the infrastructure plan includes fall backs to Chainlink Oracles in the event of a severe outage, although this is subject to change based on pending updates of the Chainlink Oracle infrastructure that will provide faster price feeds.