Position Management

After creating a position, traders can create a variety of triggers, edit collateral, add to positions, and close positions.

Trade Management User Interface

Positions: Shows your open position details such as; unrealized P&L, position size, mark & liquidation price, average entry price, and linked orders. It will also allow you to add or remove strategies to your open positions.
Open Orders: Shows the details about open orders that have not yet executed. These details are; the type of order, date and time, collateral being used and parameters set such as; Take Profit and Stop Loss.
Trade History: Shows all positions that have been opened and closed along with detailed records of management strategies and realized P&L for each. Adding Additional Strategies: Clicking on the three dots at the very right side of the Positions screen, you will be able to add additional strategies including adding more collateral. You can also use this triple dot to close a position.
Any linked order/strategy will show on the linked orders section. You can simply click on the display to see the details of those orders.